#7 NPR and Arguing with Kindergartners, Among Other Things

Lawyers seem to like Nina Totenberg.  And NPR. But our heart really
belongs to Sylvia Paggioli because she gets to go to cool places and
say hard-to-pronounce names with a great accent.  For other lawyers,
their heart belongs to Ira Glass, but that’s because, well, he’s Ira

Lawyers like arguing for no good reason.  That’s why lawyers went to
law school.  We enjoy really winning arguments, even when our
opponents are our children.  And our children are in Kindergarten.

Lawyers like to rearrange the dishwasher when someone else has filled it.

Lawyers like to write, because they dream of the day when they can
write fiction full time.  This day will never happen, but it is still
one lawyers dream of  (or, of which they can dream).

Lawyers like to read. Even, when someone moved the ABA Journal off the
back of the toilet, the back of shampoo bottles.

Lawyers like to take tests, even those cheesy IQ tests on the
Internet, just to prove that they are smarter than the average bear.

Lawyers like to watch lawyer or cop shows and say — even shout — out
loud why a certain procedural move is wrong, or why a Subpoena Duces
Tecum or a Motion in Limine would be preferred in a given situation,
even though the only one in the room in the aforementioned

Lawyers like to say aforementioned.

Lawyers like to make lawyer jokes, but don’t like it when non-lawyers say them.


Guest blogger Glenn Goonis, a licensed Michigan attorney, went to law school in Detroit where he worked by day as a manager for a automotive industry learning and development consulting firm.  Now, he lives 30 feet from the Intercoastal Waterway in Pinellas County, FL and practices law part-time, focusing mainly on entrepreneurial business issues.  Additionally, he is a Development Projects Leader for a large life insurance company, and an avid listener of WUSF, Tampa’s NPR outlet. When he grows up, he hopes to devote more time to practicing law and less time to rearranging the dishwasher.



2 responses to “#7 NPR and Arguing with Kindergartners, Among Other Things

  1. Put me down as one lawyer who is churlish enough to dislike Nina Totenberg — for reasons that may verge on sheer childishness.

    But I confess I have been in love with Sylvia Paggioli for years. Or, more acurately, I am in love with my image of Sylvia Paggioli. In my mind, she is perpetually 23, dressed in a black sheath dress with minimal accessory — and red stilleto heels. Need I add that she is 6′ 2″ with long black hair and a gait that breaks hearts? Perhaps a cross between Sophia Loren and Sonja Braga.

    I made the mistake once of googling her name. I started to click on “Images” and stopped. Some fantasies are too good to kill with reality.

    Nina Totenberg — not so much.

  2. We wouldn’t have to rearrange the dishwasher if other people would just put dishes in correctly the first time.

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