#2 Capturing and Keeping Clients

capturekeepclients A lawyer without clients is like pain without suffering, the Salton Sea without salt, green eggs without ham, Mutt without Jeff, and cease without desist. You know the old adage: a lawyer without client is unemployed.

The law firm bible for all solo, small firm and general practitioners, How to Capture and Keep Clients should really be on every lawyer’s desk. It’s written by real-life, in-the-trenches lawyers who practice in a variety of styles across America, from the 14th floor of a real tall building in New York City to very small towns in Indiana and Kentucky. These lawyers aren’t fancy-pants lawyers who know only theory; the lessons they teach are drawn from real-life experiences.

I should know: I edited this book. Buy it for yourself. Buy for your own lawyer. Buy it for another lawyer. You can even buy it if you’re not a lawyer.


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